• Contacts is an Optimized Contact List Application. UI designed using HTML ,CSS and JS. Backend optimized using Trie Data Structure. • Contacts is a Web Application which allows user to add ,delete and search contacts from Contact-List.

Algorithm Analysis

Data-Structure : Trie

Parameters :

Number of Contacts : n Average name’s length : s Contact Number’s size : p (generally, takes 8 Bytes) Count Attribute’s size : c (generally, takes 8 Bytes)

Space Complexity Analysis :

O(n*(s + p + c))

Time Complexity Analysis :

Add a Contact : O(s) Delete a Contact : O(s) Check Contact existance : O(s) Search a Contact : O(s*(result set size)) : Depth First Search(DFS) on prefix match.

note : All the Complexities are based on “Average Case Scenario”.


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