Contributors Page Template

This project iterates through your entire Github organization and builds a contributors page. Much like You can set up a contributors page for your organization quickly.


⭐ How it works

GitHub Actions is used to pull the commits and create the contributor database.

  • Every 6 hours, a workflow fetches the latest commits from all the repositories and update the contributor/commit data.
  • This information is committed back to the repository.
  • A leaderboard based on the commit history is created automatically.

Publishing the page is automated using Github Actions.

  • Every time a commit is done on the master branch, the gh-pages workflow would run and the branch gh-pages would be updated.

👩‍💻 How to set up your own contributors page?

  1. Create a repository from this template.
  2. Update the contributors.config.js file in the repository as follows.
Key Description
basePath If you are hosting the page on Github pages, then you would need to configure this to the name of your repository. eg: ‘/contributors-page’
projectName This can be your brand name, project name etc
siteMetadata.title This title field is used as the title in the generated webpage
pageTitle Share the title to be shown on the page. eg: ‘We thank all our contributors’
pageDescription Along with the title, if you want to show gratitude to the community you can use the description. eg: Chatwoot would not have been what it is today without the help of our amazing contributors.
githubLink Link to your Github Repo / Organization
contributingGuide Link to your documentation on how some one can contribute to the page
sponsorsLink If you have Github sponsor/other sponsor page, you can link here Use the organization name you want to include in the contributors page
github.repoNames List the repositories you want to include while creating the contributors page. eg: [chatwoot,chatwoot-mobile-app,charts,docs]


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