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Open-source modification of the Windows 10 operating system, designed for user privacy and performance.


Crawen removes almost whole telemetry (Microsoft tracking services and MS data collection)You can feel safe and work without any dangers.


While installing our OS you will get preinstalled:

  • Optimized Services and Drivers
  • Enabled MSI Mode for devices
  • Disabled Scheduled Tasks
  • Disabled Power Savings
  • Disabled FSO
  • Disabled Mitigations
  • Overall life tweaks
  • Custom Powerplan
  • and a lot more…


Go ahead and join our discord to get support or talk with a great community!


ISO wouldn’t exist without these people: Phlegm, Zusier, Artanis, Amit, KernelOS, imribiy, Calypto, Danske and Melody.


NONE of these images are pre-activated, you must use a genuine key.You need to accept Microsoft’s Terms.


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