This project uses the subset-font library

The subfont.js file originally comes from saurori

I created/extended:

  • the readme
  • directory structure
  • package.json
  • extended subfont.js to accept parameters so that multiple subsets can be defined.
  • extended subfont.js to create output directories if they do not exist.

Setup is Quick and Easy:

git clone
cd subfont
npm install fs path glob yaml subset-font
npm install --save-dev @fortawesome/fontawesome-free

The subsets are defined in package.json, there are two defined subsets abridge and abridge-full

npm run-script abridge
npm run-script abridge-full

My original motivation was for my Zola theme Abridge

The most common way to use these fonts is with a css file, you can use the one from the Abridge Theme as an example:

You can also see it in use on the Abridge Demo but the css there is minified of coarse.

It should also be possible to use the css files from Font Awesome itself, but for my small subset of icons this was all that I needed, it is a somewhat modified version of the css file normally generated by fontello.


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