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This is the codebase for MarkdownSite, an open-source hosting platform for static sites and markdown files.

What Is MarkdownSite?

MarkdownSite is a platform for hosting websites.

People who want their websites hosted enter a git url for their repository.

MarkdownSite downloads their repo and turns anything in public/ into a static website hosted at a random subdomain.

Anything MarkdownSite finds in site/ that is an .md file will be rendered as HTML.

Once MarkdownSite downloads and builds the website, it is sent to one or more webservers and accepts traffic from the Internet.

How do I use MarkdownSite?

You can use MarkdownSite to host a website.

You can build your own version of MarkdownSite to host as many websites as you want on your own infrastructure. See the devops/ directory for instructions on getting an instance running.

What are the directories here?

CGI contains the Markdown::CGI program. This renders markdown files to HTML, and is installed on the webservers.

Manager-DB contains the markdownsite database schema, and the code for MarkdownSite::Manager::DB, a DBIx::Class interface to the database.

Manager is MarkdownSite::Manager, a mojolicious-based webapp for submitting the repository and viewing build status. This contains a Minion worker that handles building and deploying the websites.

devops/setup contains an ansible code base to install servers by their server type, and documentation explaining it.

devops/config contains an ansible code base that can be maintained and extended — it is configuration management for an active MarkdownSite instance.

devops/ contains additional graphs and network diagrams,

Visual View Of MarkdownSite

This is a birds-eye view of a three-node setup, without insight server.

flowchart TB
    subgraph one[Panel Node]
    a2[MarkdownSite::Manager Daemon]
    a1 <-- MarkdownSite::Manager::DB / Minion--> a2
    a3 -- Hypnotoad PSGI --> a2

    subgraph two[Build Node]
    b1[Clone & Build Website]
    b2[MarkdownSite::Manager Worker]
    b2 <-- PSQL Private IP --> a1
    subgraph three[WebServer Node]
    c2[Static Files]
    c1 <-- Static File Exists --> c2
    c1 <-- No File Exists--> c3
    c3 -- Generate & Store HTML Page From Markdown--> c2  

    b1 -- Ansible SSH--> three
    q[Internet User] <-- View Hosted Website -->c1
    z[MarkdownSite User] <-- Submit Git Repo For Hosting -->a3

MarkdownSite has an additional server, insight, that does metrics and graphs with Graphite, Grafana, and Collectd.

Grafana Graphs

Thanks For Looking!

Thank you for taking the time to checkout this repository. I hope the information here has been useful.


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