Offset with three.js

Create an offset sets of points from an STL file using the three.js library



Table of Contents

General info

This simple application gives you a basic idea of an offset on a mesh. You can try the functionality with different files and different offset values.

The logic of the algorithm is based on getting the vertices and the normals of the geometry of the selected mesh and creating an array of new vertices with the given offset and then creating a new 3D object, with points or if you want, you can use a THREE.Mesh.


If you want to start the application in local:

  1. Clone the project git clone [email protected]:AngyDev/threejs-offset.git
  2. With your terminal go in the folder where you cloned the project
  3. Run the command npm init that create the package.json file
  4. Run the command npm i live-server that install the server on your project
  5. Run the server with the command live-server


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