CryptoKet is a NFT marketplace where users can mint their pictures as NFT, list their NFTs for sell, and as well buy NFTs from other user.

🛠 Technology Stack & Tools

  • Solidity (Writing Smart Contract)
  • Javascript (NextJs & Testing)
  • Ether (Blockchain Interaction)
  • hardhat (Development Framework)

⚙ Requirements For Initial Setup

  • Install NodeJS, should work with any node version below 16.5.0
  • Install Hardhat, In your terminal, you can check to see if you have Hardhat by running Hardhat version. To install Hardhat npm i hardhat. Ideal to have hardhat version 5.4 to avoid dependency issues.

🚀 Quick Start

📄 Clone or fork opensea-clone:

💿 Install all dependencies:

$ cd NFT-Marketplace-CryptoKet
$ npm install 

🚴‍♂️ Run your App:

npm Start


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