This club penguin client is a “flash port” for people like me that want a private server

Download client / Descargar cliente

WARNING: For people that are searching the build of my client for my private server please DO NOT keep reading this guide

ATENCION: Para las personas que estan buscando la app de mi cliente DEJEN de seguir leyendo esta guia

Special thanks

Thanks a lot for the “base” its practically all the code but anyways to the NewCP Team


Making the build

For making the build you will need OBLIGATORY to post your client to github, here are some instructions:

  1. Install git
  2. Go to and create an account
  3. Create a new repository in github (
  4. Open a terminal in your pc, and clone this repository (on your desktop for example) git clone
  5. Enter the folder of the client
  6. Go to the config file and edit it (with notepad for example, DO NOT USE WORD PLEASE), to see the explanation of each config click here
  7. Copy the name of the repository you created and your username, you should have something like this SecretAgencyClubPenguin/ClubPenguinClient and paste it in the “repositoryName” config DO NOT REMOVE THE “” ON ANYTHING just put the name inside the “” replacing SecretAgencyClubPenguin/ClubPenguinClient
  8. Open your file explorer and enable the option “show hidden items” on the “View” option
  9. Use this if you cannot find the “show hidden items” option You can use the cmd and go to the folder of the client using this keybind: Control + R, then go to where you download the client, example: cd desktop/ClubPenguinClient, then when you are there put this command in your terminal: rm -rf .git
  10. Then follow the instructions on here replacing for YOUR REPOSITORY, every time you write a command hit enter
  11. If you follow these instructions correctly, if you go to the “Actions” part on your repository some “workflow” should be executing and you should be able to download the executable of your client

Config file

The config file has various things that you need to change

If you want to change something please go to the file config.json

	"mainURL": "Your url of your private server",
	"repositoryName": "The name of your repo in github",
	"discordRpc": {
		"enable": true, // This setting its if you want to enable the discord presence
		"discordAppId": "The ID of your presence app",
		"activityTitle": "The activity title",
		"activityDescription": "The activity description",
		"buttons": [
				"label": "Unirse al servidor",
				"url": ""
		] //This are buttons, you can configure them
	"windowSettings": {
		"width": 1280,
		"height": 720
	} //These are settings of the window, please do not change this


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