This repository contains whole custom FiveM framework with many resources. All messsages in those resources are written in Czech language.

You will find a lot of legacy code. Also, there is no support given.

You can use the code, even just parts of it – but respect the LICENSE!

There will be no future updates, the source code is given as is.

You can only find there resources created by us or updated versions of open soruce resources. Others are not included.


List of people that have contributed in a period of longer time:

  • Trsak
  • rozkothe
  • RIOT_
  • Slayer
  • taurus
  • Goldberg
  • Rejben
  • bertt
  • Filis93
  • NewEdit

How to run it?

Figure it on your own, or just use its parts. This will need some work to get it all working together, as some partsw are missing. There is no support for this, so please do not contact us.


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