DALL-E prompt helper chrome extension

Have you got access to the amazing DALL-E interface but struggling creating high quality renders? Looking for a creative prompt? Stuck?

Look no further than Prompt helper! With over 270 carefully picked prompt styles, vibes, moods, inspiration keywords and GPT-3 autocomplete, this extension is perfect for anyone who needs a little help getting started. Plus, dark mode makes it easy on the eyes.

FEATURES: ✨ Over 270 keywords for creative prompts ✨ Quality enhancing keywords ✨ Photography related angles, lightning, shot compositions ✨ Digital and 3D keywords ✨ Characters 🌟 Dark mode for the DALL-E UI 🤖 Have a GPT-3 API key? Get autocomplete and synonym help on the fly as you construct your prompt! ✨ Select a part of the input to replace or get a synonym


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Most of the content was taken almost verbatim from the amazing DALL-E prompt book by @guyp

All of the images are copyright of @openAI

This extension does NOT give you access to DALL-E, you are required to have access to use it.

This extension does NOT give you access to GPT-3, you are required to have an API key to use the GPT-3 features.

This extension is not affiliated with openAI.

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