dApp that interact with a Smart Contract to be part of the Crypto Devs DeFi Exchange.

In this project I’m going to use React, Solidity, Hardhat, and Node.js to create an app to be part of the Crypto Devs DeFi Exchange, with the deployment of the Smart Contract on the Rinkeby test net.

Test deploy

📋 Smart contract deployed in Rinkeby Testnet Network

💻 App deployed Here


  • Build an exchange with only one asset pair (Eth <> Crypto Dev)
  • The Decentralized Exchange should take a fee of 1% on swaps
  • When user adds liquidity, they should be given Crypto Dev LP tokens (Liquidity Provider tokens)
  • CD LP tokens should be given propotional to the Ether user is willing to add to the liquidity

Lets start building 🚀


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