What is WeaveDB?

WeaveDB is a NoSQL database powered by SmartWeave on the Arweave blockchain.

The APIs are a subset (will be a superset) of Firestore from Google but completely decentralized.

  • Data is stored on the Arweave permanent storage where anyone can access without permission.
  • User authentication (WeaveAuth) is done by pure cryptography using crypto wallets such as MetaMask and ArConnect.
  • SmartWeave makes it possible to apply complex computation to stored data for web-centric large-scale dapps just like web2 apps.

User Authentication

Authentication is done by WeaveAuth, which cryptographically authenticates EVM-based accounts with EIP-712 signatures on SmartWeave contracts.

Other types of crypto accounts will be supported in the future such as Arweave and Polkadot.

The current access control model is rather primitive where only the original creator of a document can conduct write operations to the document. A full set of granular access contols will be implemented soon.


A demo dapp is deployed at weavedb.asteroid.ac.

V0.1 contract is deployed on the Warp testnet at ltj7QZSNIKbklMmP2b4ypbuUZoN77EQkjFR4Wid2ZIE.

Query APIs

WeaveDB is currently a subset of Firestore. So WeaveDB can do most of the things Firestore can do, but with syntactic sugar inspired by Firestore Sweet.


Get a doc

[ "collection_name", "doc_id" ]

Get a collection

[ "collection_name" ]

Arbitrary length of document nesting is possible.

[ "collection_name", "doc_id", "sub_collection_name_1", "sub_doc_id_1", "sub_collection_name_2", "sub_doc_id_2" ]

Limit the number of docs

[ "collection_name", 5 ]


[ "collection_name", [ "age" ] ]
[ "collection_name", [ "age", "desc" ] ]
[ "collection_name", [ "age", "desc" ], [ "name", "asc" ] ]


[ "collection_name", [ "age", ">", 20 ] ]

= > >= < <= != in not-in array-contains array-contains-any are supported.


[ "collection_name", [ "age" ], [ "startAfter", 20 ], [ "endAt", 60 ] ]
[ "collection_name", [ "age" ], [ "name", "desc" ], [ "startAfter", 20, "Bob" ] ]

startAt startAfter endAt endAfter are supported.


Set a doc

[ { "age": 20, "name": "Bob" }, "collection_name", "doc_id" ]


Upsert a doc

[ { "age": 20, "name": "Bob" }, "collection_name", "doc_id" ]


Update a doc

[ { "age": 25 }, "collection_name", "doc_id" ]

Delete a field

[ { "age": { "__op": "del" } }, "collection_name", "doc_id" ]

Increase/Decrease a field

[ { "age": { "__op": "inc", "n": 5 } }, "collection_name", "doc_id" ]

In the coming SDK, better APIs will be privided for dec inc operations.


Delete a doc

[ "collection_name", "doc_id" ]

Deploy Your Own WeaveDB Contracts

Fork the repo.

git clone https://github.com/asteroid-dao/weavedb.git
cd weavedb


yarn test

Deploy on the Warp testnet.

node scripts/generate-wallet testnet
node scripts/add-funds testnet
node scripts/deploy-testnet testnet

In the client app, you will need to install buffer package and expose it to window.Buffer to resolve the Buffer dependency for crypto authentications. This will be removed in future releases.

yarn add buffer

Do the following somehow according to the web framework of your choice.

import { Buffer } from "buffer"
window.Buffer = Buffer

Further References

You can learn everything about Arweave/SmartWeave/Warp at Warp Academy.


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