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Desktop music player focused on streaming from free sources

Desktop music player focused on streaming from free sources


User freedom-oriented streaming music player - welcoming to new contributors.

What is this?

nuclear is a free music streaming program that pulls content from free sources all over the internet.

If you know mps-youtube, this is a similar music player but with a GUI.
It's also focusing more on audio. Imagine Spotify which you don't have to pay for and with a bigger library.

Pre-alpha release

The current version is a pre-alpha early access. Some of it is usable, some of it isn't. If there are things that don't work as expected or are counterintuitive, please open an issue so I can prioritize working on them.

What if I am religiously opposed to Electron?

See this.


  • Searching for and playing music from YouTube (including integration with playlists), Jamendo, and SoundCloud
  • Searching for albums (powered by Last.fm and MusicBrainz), album view, automatic song lookup based on artist and track name (in progress, can be dodgy sometimes)
  • Song queue, which can be exported as a playlist
  • Loading saved playlists (stored in json files)
  • Scrobbling to last.fm (along with updating the 'now playing' status)
  • Newest releases with reviews - tracks and albums
  • Browsing by genre
  • Radio mode (automatically queue similar tracks)
  • Unlimited downloads (powered by youtube)
  • Realtime lyrics
  • Browsing by popularity
  • List of favorite tracks
  • Listening from local library

Manual and docs


Community-maintained packages

Here's a list of packages maintained by third parties. We would like to thank the maintainers for their work.

We do not control these and cannot be held responsible for their contents, but if any of these appear suspicious to you, feel free to open an issue so we can reach out to the maintainers.

Package type Link Maintainer
AUR (Arch) https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/nuclear-player-bin/ mikelpint
Choco (Win) https://chocolatey.org/packages/nuclear/ JourneyOver

Community translations

Nuclear has already been translated to several languages, and we're always looking for contributors who would like to add more. Below is a list of currently available languages, along with contributors who helped to translate Nuclear to that language.

Language Contributor
English N/A
French charjac, Zalax
Dutch Vistaus
Danish Hansen1992
Spanish mlucas94, emlautarom1
Polish kazimierczak-robert, gradzka
German schippas
Russian ramstore07, dmtrshat
Brazilian Portuguese JoaoPedroMoraes
Turkish 3DShark
Italian gello94
Slovak MartinT
Czech PetrTodorov
Tagalog giftofgrub
Traditional Chinese oxygen-TW


This will be updated as the program evolves.

Album Search

Album Display

Artist View

Dashboard Best New Music

Dashboard Genres

Playlist View

Lyrics View

Equalizer View

Development process

You will need docker and docker-compose.
As all Electron applications, Nuclear has two parts: the server and the web app. Both are containerized. You need to allow the root user to connect to X11 display, and then you can run docker-compose:

$ xhost SI:localuser:root
$ sudo docker-compose up dev

A new window should open that will load the web app and run Nuclear.
On non-Linux systems, you can use lerna:

$ npm i -g lerna #installs lerna globally
$ lerna bootstrap
$ lerna run start

To build for current operating system:

$ npm run build

Instead of build you can use build:all to build for all operating systems. The binaries will be in packages/app/release

In case of errors with dbus/mpris, try removing optional dependencies from packages/app/package.json and node_modules.




A Nice collection of often useful examples done in HTML JavaScript CSS.

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