Devbook Docusaurus Plugin

Devbook plugin for Docusaurus


  1. npm run watch in the top directory
  2. npm run link ../ in the example directory
  3. npm run start in the example directory
  4. (TEMPORARY) When you change the plugin code you may need to restart the docusaurus server and delete the example/.docusaurus cache directory.


Install plugin

npm install @devbookhq/docusaurus-plugin

Add plugin to docusaurus.config.js:

module.exports = {
  plugins: ['@devbookhq/docusaurus-plugin'],


  • Fix development reloading
  • Check if customizable language support (solidity) works
  • Sort deps (versions, not-needed, eslint)
  • Sort tsconfigs
  • Sort withWrapper CodeBlock syntax and custom types
  • Finish github release workflow (secrets)


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