Welcome to the developer mentorting guide 🙂


This is a community contributed guide designed to help developers help other developers. Its goal is to help those that want to:

  • Be better at mentoring other developers
  • Be better at being mentored and making the most of that opportunity
  • (In future) Implement mentoring programmes within their workplaces

The idea is that this guide is put to use and tested by each OfferZen Thrive monthly cohort, and that each cohort can help make it better. We could implement versioning over time to pin the

How this repo currently works/was set up

  • This is a copy of the docusaurus.io getting started template. You’ll see that the code hasn’t been cleaned up yet and some of the placeholder images are lying around
  • @suitophobia is the owner of a Vercel project that builds this repo to www.developermentoring.guide

How you can help

Basically in every way possible. The team behind this are n00bs and haven’t ever managed an open source repo before. Want to add contribution guidelines? Good idea. Maybe create a discussion, issue or card on the GitHub project? Go for it. The idea is that we build this together.

Notifications channel on Thrive Slack: #github-notifications


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