About the App

This app provides details about legacy mobile webOS devices from Palm, and later, HP.

The main code of the app is in enyo-app\source\views\view.js

To modify/add new devices, modify the data file at enyo-app\source\data\data.js and add new images at enyo-app\source\assets.

About the App Template

This app is based on a “bootplate” for Enyo2: https://github.com/codepoet80/enyo2-bootplate.

Enyo2 (aka EnyoJS) was an open-source Javascript framework that had its origins on the Palm/HP TouchPad, but was updated for Open WebOS and other platforms through 2018, before being replaced with EnactJS.

The bootplate stops at version 2.5.1 to maintain compatibility with legacy webOS. You can download a Sampler of its capabilities from the enyo2-sampler repo, or view it online via webOS Archive.

You can learn more about legacy webOS at webOS Archive or by exploring my other repos.


You can use a Git client to clone this repo and then initialize submodules. Be aware that you’ll need to clone recursively --recurse-submodules to ensure that all the subfolders are downloaded.

Remove the .git folder to detach your local folder from the bootplate git repo so that you can customize the contents for your own app (and add to your own repo)


Each platform you want to target has its own dependencies and quirks. Check out the other docs in this folder for platform-specific details.


The bootplate provides a folder structure and app template to allow you to develop Enyo2 apps for a variety of platforms including legacy webOS, LuneOS, Android and the web.

This project exists to allow apps to run on old and new devices, but can’t prevent you from using modern web features that won’t work on older devices — QA is up to you!

You create your app by modifying and updating the contents of the enyo-app folder.

The build script will help you build the app for different platforms. You specify which platforms to build for with command line arguments to the build script.

Ensure the script is executable: chmod +x build.sh

Call the script, passing a list of the platforms you want to build, with a space between each one:

./build.sh webos www android

If you prefer to be in control, check out the other docs in this folder for platform-specific details.


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