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GIVEN the DevSpot homepage WHEN I am not logged in THEN I am shown a login interface to either login or create a new profile WHEN I login to DevSpot THEN I have access to the homepage and my own profile WHEN I navigate to the homepage THEN I am presented with a collection of other user profiles to visit WHEN I navigate to a user’s profile THEN I am presented with their developer info and icons showing their software proficiencies WHEN I click on a software icon THEN I am taken to a Github repo using that particular technology WHEN I navigate to my own profile THEN I am given the option to add technologies WHEN I click add technology THEN I can select a language or technology with which I am proficient and add a link to a github repository showing off related work WHEN I am finished adding technologies THEN I am returned to my profile with the new technology

User Story

AS A developer I WANT a place to showcase my software proficiencies SO THAT other developers or potential employers can see my skill level working with different technologies

Application Features:

  • Ability to create page that showcases users dev skills
  • Store user profiles
  • User can edit page to add new skills or edit account information
  • Look at other users profiles

Application Appearance and Functionality:

Website’s Appearance:

Built With

Project Link

Portfolio Repository

Portfolio Live Website


List of Contributors:

  1. Kelly Walsh
  2. Catherine Foye
  3. Norman Herrera
  4. Biran Ward

Contact Info

Kelly Walsh – [email protected] LinkedIn GitHub Catherine Foye – [email protected] LinkedIn GitHub Norman Herrera – [email protected] LinkedIn GitHub Brian Ward – [email protected] LinkedIn GitHub


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