Diagrams – Text-based representations of various diagrams

This exists because I was using sequencediagram.org to sketch some processes
for authentication at work. I decide to push the diagram text files to VCS so
that they wouldn’t get lost.

And then the thought of copy/pasting them into the UI made me want to throw up.

So I wrote a thing (./cmd/sequencediagram/open.sh) to help me do that.

And the rest is history.

Sequence Diagrams

  • ./examples
    • auth-keyexchange.txt: Process of exchanging keys for authenticating a customer
    • auth-registration-refresh.txt: Process of refreshing a customer’s registration information
    • auth-registration.txt: Registration process
    • auth-token-refresh.txt: Process of refreshing a user’s session token
    • auth-token: Process for obtaining a user session token


./cmd/sequencediagram/open.sh <path-to-diagram.txt>


./cmd/sequencediagram/open.sh ./examples/auth-keyexchange.txt


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