this is a discord bot dedicated to showing the status of @theblurry99’s blurryCast internet radio station

this bot does not use slash commands because I think they’re dumb and they take a lot of time to update and they work in a weird way.

also note: this will not work on windows


  1. git switch release
  2. cp config.json.dist config.json
  3. adjust config.json if needed (you shouldn’t really need to do anything)
  4. make a .env file to add an environment variable called TOKEN which should contain your bot’s token
  5. npm i to pull all the dependencies
  6. npm start to run the bot once, verify everything works then ^C
  7. npm run daemon to run the bot in the background
  8. find a way to periodically run, or just run that yourself to check for updates and update if needed


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