Discord bot that notifies you when a new anime episode is uploaded (to GogoAnime)


Configure the bot by modifying the variables in the config.json file in the src directory.

  • The Discord bot token should be in the “token” field.
  • The mongooseConnectionString field should have the url to the mongoDB connection string.
  • The dbName should have the name of the database in the mongoDB
  • The collection should have the name of the collection in the database

Feel free to replace the mongoDB dependencies with another database.


Run npm install and node index in the src directory.


Lists all anime tracked for this channel

/add <anime>
Adds anime to track in this channel

/remove <anime>
Removes a tracked anime in this channel

Feel free to add more commands


If the gogoanime.film domain ever gets rebased, then the URL in the config.json file should be updated.


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