[Discord] FireAlpaca-rich-presence

Script written in JavaScript adding user a cutomizable rich presence in their discord account.


Script was made for Educational purposes
This project was created only for good purposes and personal use.


  • Async Discord rpc
  • Customizable by user
  • Check executables in releases that dont require node/dependencies!

Setup your own application for use (optional)

  • Create an application on Discord Developer Portal
  • Rich Presence -> Art Assets, Add An Image named ‘icon’ for large image/ ‘pfp’ for smaller image(preferably my discord avatar for credit)
  • General Information -> APPLICATION ID, Copy into config file -> clientId

How To Setup/Install

  • Unzip archive

Please set your informations in the config.json file!

Remember that the lines has to be at least 2 characters long and less than 128 characters!

    "clientId":"", #application id of a bot(already set in releases/source code)

    "drawingname":"Drawing something", #first line in rich presence
    "additionalinfo":"Bottom text", #second line in rich presence

    "largeimagetext":":)", #text when hovering above icon

    "numberOfButtons":2, #number of buttons shown(0-2)
    "loadingdelay": 5, #delay in seconds before loading

    #button one name and url
    "button1Text":"Button One", 
    #button two name and url
    "button2Text":"Button Two",


How to run

How to run release

  • Execute binary file(exe)

How to run source

(requires Node.js)

$npm i discord-rpc


  • Discord: Prits#2138


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