Multi Guild Application bot that features buttons for accepting and declining a users application

✅ Hosting Requirements

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  • nodejs version 16.14 or higher, i recommend the latest STABLE version (LTS)

🔧 Configuration and Starting

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  1. Fill in all required data in ./json/config.json
  2. Run npm install or yarn install
  3. start the bot in a terminal using node .
  4. Run /setup-application to setup all the channels and the accepted role
  5. Run /application and add your questions 1 at a time maximum is 25 questions
  6. Let people apply


I know most people are going to remove them but it would be nice if you didn’t 😀 Bot coded by Clappy with FireDragons handler since it’s quick and easy to use for new people If there are any errors then please open an issue or something idk


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