What is Discord RPC Tool

RPC Tool is a simple application that allows you to easily communicate with the Discord Rich Presence Client. RPC is a service that the Discord application installed on your machine enables. The RPC allows other applications, like this one, to communicate with the running Discord app. RPC Tool uses this feature to set the user currently logged into Discord’s Now Playing activity.

RPC Tool Features

  • Painless installation
  • Multiple activity profiles
  • Modern UI inspired by Discord
  • Optional minimize to system tray
  • Optional auto start activity on launch
  • Optional auto minimize app on launch
  • Optional auto launch app on system boot

How to install

Please note: payment for download is completely optional.

Once downloaded extract and then run the installer.

Discord RPC Tool is now installed on your pc.

How to install (development)

❗ Node.js is required for development
git clone https://github.com/Dekita/Discord-RPC-Tool.git
cd Discord-RPC-Tool
npm i; npm start

Launching your first activity

Once the application is installed and running on your machine, click on the purple Dev Portal button. This will open the discord developer portal. Once logged into the dev portal, create a new application and name it whatever you want. This is the name that will be shown for your activity.

While on the General Information tab, after naming your application, copy the Application ID and paste it into the Discord Application ID input field in RPC Tool’s general configuration area.

After entering your unique app id, press the Save, then Launch buttons. After a second or so, your user profile card on Discord should now look similar to this:

❗ If the activity is not showing on your user profile card, make sure that you are not showing as invisible/offline, and that you have enabled Activity Status within the discord application’s user settings.

Main Activity Customization

Once you have launched your first activity, you are ready to begin properly customizing things. See the details below for each customizable option.

Activity Name/ID

This used only for the RPC Tool application. You can set this value to whatever you want. The name does not have to be unique. This does not affect the name of your activity on Discord.

Activity Image [default=src/img/icon.png]

This used only for the RPC Tool application. The selected image is used only for the Activity icon within the application interface.

RPC Update Frequency [default=15]

The frequency in seconds for how often the application should send data to the Discord Rich Presence Client.

Application ID

Should be set to your discord application id.

Custom API URL
❗ This feature is optional. Don’t know what it does? You dont need it!

Set this to a url that returns valid json data, then you can use the returned json object properties when setting your activity text. [see here for details]

API Update Frequency [default=300]

The frequency in seconds for how often the application should poll the Custom API URL for its json data.

Activity Text: Line 1 + 2

Text shown for the activity details and state (the first and second line of text shown below your app name on your profile card).

Activity Image Customization

Each activity can display upto two images, one large and one small. But before RPC Tool can display them properly, the image files must be uploaded onto the Discord developer portal’s Rich Presence => Art Assets tab shown below. The image key that you enter on the developer portal should match the image key you enter into the RPC Tool application. Note that the key is also case sensitive!

Activity images can be freely disabled/enabled within the RPC Tool application, where you can also define the text displayed when hovering over the image.

Activity Button Customization

❗ Your own activity buttons do not work for you, only other users!

Each activity can also display upto two customizable buttons. Each enabled button must have a valid url and name or discord will not be able to process it correctly. Similar to activity images, buttons can easily be enabled and disabled.

Advanced Activity Text

❗ Advanced Feature ~ Also the reason RPC Tool was created!

If you have [Custom API URL] set to some endpoint that returns a valid json object, then you are able to use the properties of the returned object to replace parts of your activity text. For example, lets say your api url returns the following json object:

{"players": 99, "servers": 3}

You can use these returned properties (players and servers) within your activity text by wrapping the property name in curly braces {}.

Assuming the example json above, along with the following activity text: {servers} Servers | {players} Players

Then the resulting text shown for the activity would be: 3 Servers | 99 Players

Important Notes

❗ Your own activity buttons do not work for you, only other users!
❗ Always save after making changes or they wont take effect!
⚠️ Please report any bugs you find to the support server!


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