QwikTape logo by Viral Ghelani Do calculations, annotate it like you would on a paper “qwikly”.

       100.00 my wallet balance
-       40.00 food

Create unlimited documents called tapes and switch between created tapes easily using browser like tabs.

Download QwikTape from releases.


  • Write text, calculate, annotate it like you would on a paper or in a book.
  • Never forget what was the calculation about by annotating it.
  • Create unlimited tapes using [+] button in tabs bar, switch between tapes using tabs.
  • View/Rename/Delete your saved tapes in the Bookmark menu, use the top left menu to view all tapes.
  • Tapes are auto saved.
  • Do calculations like addition +, subtraction -, division ÷, multiplication ×, percentage % and power ^.
  • The numbers will be auto formatted and auto indented as you type.
  • User can define variables and use it in calculations.
  • Hover cursor over variables to check it’s value.
  • Customize colors using the settings menu, number of decimals to use and indent length can be changed too.
  • Tape calculation doesn’t use operator precedence, the results will be as you would type it on a calculator.

+      2.00
×      3.00
  • Expressions use operator precedence. myvar = 1 + 2 × 3 myvar is 7.
  • All the calculations are done with infinite precision, so 0.1 + 0.2 = 0.3

What’s in a name?

QwikTape the name is inspired by QuickJs used by Sciter, the engine which powers this application, and Tape which is what it used to be called for such documents.

The logo is inspired by the Rail-Road diagram the QwikTape grammar produces and a calculator.

Chevrotain toolkit to build the parser.

Also inspired by CalcTape, Numi, Soulver, Calca


  • Right now QwikTape editor can only recognize number without separators and with . as the decimal point, so number like 1,234.00 or 1.234,00 or 1234,00 won’t be recognized, some countries use , as the decimal separator which is not supported as of yet.
  • Others which I haven’t discovered.

Coming up.

  • i18n
  • localize number format


To execute linux binary use this command.

sudo chmod +x QwikTape-linux-x64

To execute macosx binary use this command.

sudo chmod +x QwikTape-macosx
sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine QwikTape-macosx


QwikTape uses awesome Sciter SDK for its gui and chevrotain for the parser,

Clone the repo with submodules using,

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/4silvertooth/QwikTape.git

Directory structure,

  • sdk the sciter-js-sdk as a submodule

  • src the source directory of the application

    • assets icons and logos
    • components all the reactor widgets
    • chevrotain the parser toolkit
    • parser the heart of it all
    • storage the database logic
    • main.htm the entry point
  • tests all the tests goes in here

  • run-dev.html for developers to debug and support in making changes.

Start by opening run-dev-sciter.bat for windows, it will give you developer view of the application with controls to help you make changes. It launches scapp from sciter-js-sdk with run-dev.html in --debug mode. Use inspector to inspect.


  • Diagram to produce rail-road diagram of the parser grammar.

  • Refresh to refresh the application frame for any changes to css or html.

  • Tests to bring up all the tests, run tests from the toolwindow.

  • Screen Shot to capture the image of the main application.

  • Build to produce final builds. (right now just windows)

I’ve build all assets like icons and logos inside src/assets in figma and are licensed under CC.


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