OpenLineage Docs

NOTE: These docs are a work in progress. For current documentation, consult the various files that can be found in the OpenLineage Repository.

This is a Docusaurus site, and all content can be found in docs/. Contributions are welcome in the form of issues or pull requests. Pages that require attention have been marked with Docusaurus Admonitions.

Local development

First, clone the repo.

Install the node version manager and use it to create a Node 16 environment:

$ nvm install 16
$ nvm use 16

Install Yarn and the Gatsby CLI:

$ npm install -g yarn gatsby-cli

Run Yarn to install all of the Node dependencies for the project:

$ yarn

Tell Yarn to start a development server:

$ yarn start

This command provides a URL where the doc site can be viewed. Most changes are reflected live without having to restart the server.

Local site build

$ yarn build

This command generates static content into the build directory. If you want to look at it, try cd build && python3 -m http.server.


Once the site has been launched, pull requests to main will cause a new doc site to be shipped via GitHub Pages.


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