doitfast is a collection of functions that can help you do it FAST .

getIntervalsBetweenShifts :

given the start & end time in 24Hr format this function will return an array of the times in between with interval of of 30 minutes as a default but it can be changes keeping in mind this format “hh:mm” & smaller than the difference between the shift duration


const { getIntervalsBetweenShifts, isItToday } = require("doitfast");

let shifts = getIntervalsBetweenShifts("09:00", "17:00","00:30", isItToday(new Date()));
//isItToday is a function returns a boolean indicates if the input date is tody or not
// using today as a paramenter will remove the intervals before now,you can use any day instead of new Date() or you can simply input true/false

arrangDays :

simple function accepts an array of dates and arrange them accending or decending

const { arrangeDays } = require("doitfast");

let arrangedDays = arrangeDays([
new Date(),"accending"

appendItem :

simple function to append values to keys helpful when sending api requests that upload images

const { appendItem } = require("doitfast");
let data=formData()
let values={
//profile_photo:File  i.e the uploaded file
Object.keys(values).forEach((key) => {
      appendItem(data, key, values[key]);

calcDiscount is to caculate total price of a product depending on the quantity if more than one the price will be caculated for the discountPrice

calcDiscount (basePrice, discountPrice, quantity, minCharge)

const { calcDiscount } = require("doitfast");

let totalPrice = calcDiscount(100, 50, 2, 10);

the package will be updated regularly


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