Roblox Message Downloader

This tool was created due to the recent news sent out by Roblox. On April 22nd, 2022, all private messages sent by Roblox before January 1st, 2019 will be deleted.

This tool will download all of your Roblox Private Messages, including the ones you’ve sent, received and archived.

How do you install this tool?

You must first make sure you have the required pre-requisities: Node.js (v16+) Git

  1. Open your preferred terminal (Command Prompt / Powershell / Git Bash)

  2. Run $ git clone

  3. Run $ cd RBLX-Message-Downloader

  4. Run $ npm install

  5. Go into /src in your File Explorer and navigate to the .env file.

  6. Open the .env file in your favourite text editor.

  7. Paste your Roblox Cookie after the =.

That is all you must do to install this tool.

How do I run this tool?

  1. From the /src directory in your terminal, run:

$ node index.js

  1. You can then find the output of the tool in the newly created /src/outputs folder.


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