DyedSoftware AI driven community ChatBot for Discord. The bot features periodic AI retraining. A training channel where users cann add Trainingdata.


  • $info: Displays general Bot information
  • $train: Train the neural network
  • $stopInterval: Deactivate the interval training
  • $startInterval <interval>: Activate the interval training
  • $addCategory <name>: Create a new category


You want to use the Bot on your discord server? No problem just follow the instructions.

$ git clone https://github.com/DyedSoftware/DiscordAI
$ cd DiscordAI

Install dependencies

$ npm install

Edit the config.json file

  "prefix": "$",  //Change the prefix of the bot
  "conversationChannelId": " ",  //Insert the id of the channel in which the users can talk with the Bot
  "trainChannelId": " ",  //Insert the id of the channel in which the users can train the Bot
  "intervaltraining": false,  //Activate/Deactivate the intervaltraining
  "trainOnBoot": false,  //Activate/Deactivate if the bot should train on activation
  "iterations": 10000  //Specify the amount of training iterations

Add your Token as an Environment variable


Run the bot

$ npm start

Start scripts

The src includes a start.sh and a start.bat file to easily execute the bot.


If you have any questions regarding the contribution process, please ask it in the Discord server

If you want to contribute to the project, fork the repository and submit a pull request. We use ESLint to enforce a consistent coding style.


To get ready to work on the codebase, please do the following:

  1. Fork & clone the repository, and make sure you’re on the main branch
  2. Run npm install (install)
  3. Code your heart out!
  4. Run npm test to run ESLint
  5. Submit a pull request


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