Each endpoint holds some data, but someone made a mistake and shuffled it. Thankfully, all users ids are still here ! You have to fix it ! For that, you have to make a backup of each endpoint locally (one json file per endpoint), then compile them in one file, sanitize the data, store it locally and upload it on Krates.

Here are the endpoints : GET :

  "$userId" : {


  "$userId" : {
    "job": "Developer"


    "city": "pArIs",
    "age": 26

Be careful when you sanitize the data because :

  • if user name is “#ERROR”, you have to skip it and pick the name in another table
  • name vowel are replaced by number (e by 3, a by 4, i by 1 and o by 0).
  • cities are not written in a proper way (there are some letters in uppercase in the middle of the word, but they should only be at the beginning)
  • You have to delete all null or undefined fields in the sanitize format Some informations like name are injected in the bad table, so you’ve to sort them :
  • always take the name in users, and if missing, pick it in an other table if available
  • always take the age in informations, and if missing, pick it in an other table

The output should look like data/source/results.json.

Set up your workstation

  • Install Node.js to your local workstation

Clone your Application

Clone the application to your local workstation:

$ git clone
$ cd data-correction

Prepare your Application

To use this Node JS application, you will need to conform to 2 basic requirements:

  1. Use NPM to manage dependencies
  2. Use Node to run the project

1. Install dependencies with NPM

Then install the dependencies with npm.

npm install

2. Use Nodemon to manage processes

To run the application use npm start or find-record script on the package.json file :

npm run start

3. Output files

The application will generate the output files in the data/exported folder and upload the sanitized data to krat

To change the Krat id, simply change it in the env.js file.

Test code

To test the code of this project simply run the test script :

npm run test


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