Easily view Markdown files in the browser, and automatically see any changes.

This simple package starts a local server and renders out Markdown files in your browser. Any changes made to the Markdown file is automatically injected into the browser window as long as the server is running.


To get started:

npm install -g mdsee


This will start a server at port 3000 and open up your browser window automatically.


The app’s syntax is:

mdsee {options} {filepath}

There’s a handful of options that you can use to control the behavior:

  • --port=3000 changes the port that the server runs on
  • --no-browser prevents the browser from opening automatically when starting the server
  • --no-watch prevents the browser from automatically updating on changes

Note: When using the watch feature, a websocket server is started on port 8088.


Have an issue? Submit it here! Want to get in touch or recommend a feature? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter for any other questions or comments.


This software is licensed under The MIT License (MIT). See for more details.


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