ProShop eCommerce Platform

eCommerce platform built with the MERN stack & Redux.

This is the course project for my MERN eCommerce course


  • Full featured shopping cart
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Top products carousel
  • Product pagination
  • Product search feature
  • User profile with orders
  • Admin product management
  • Admin user management
  • Admin Order details page
  • Mark orders as delivered option
  • Checkout process (shipping, payment method, etc)
  • PayPal / credit card integration
  • Database seeder (products & users)


Env Variables

Create a .env file in then root and add the following

NODE_ENV = development
PORT = 5000
MONGO_URI = your mongodb uri
JWT_SECRET = 'abc123'
PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID = your paypal client id

Install Dependencies (frontend & backend)

npm install
cd frontend
npm install


# Run frontend (:3000) & backend (:5000)
npm run dev

# Run backend only
npm run server

Build & Deploy

# Create frontend prod build
cd frontend
npm run build

There is a Heroku postbuild script, so if you push to Heroku, no need to build manually for deployment to Heroku

Seed Database

You can use the following commands to seed the database with some sample users and products as well as destroy all data

# Import data
npm run data:import

# Destroy data
npm run data:destroy

Sample User Logins

[email protected] (Admin)

[email protected] (Customer)

[email protected] (Customer)



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