Eternasl is a node based cli application that let you create react application with various templates such react with tailwind css, style component, bootstrap, redux etc.

Problem Statement

Let’s say we want to create react application with tailwind css. This can be achieved by either of the following ways:

Solution 1

  • Install React application
  • Visite Tailwind Docs
  • Then Install it

(Trust me this consumes your precious time & can be anoying sometime)

Step 2

  • Google any react-tailwind starter template
  • If found then download it.
  • Else follow Solution 1

In short this is a tedious task. Imagine of doing the same for bootstrap, tailwind with redux, bootstrap with redux, redux-styled components and so on.

🚀 Solution

Use Eternals! It has the collection of mostly used templates using which one can easily initialize thier app.


Install eternals with npm

  npm i -g eternals

Install eternals with yarn

  yarn add -g eternals


In terminal type :-


and press enter. You will see the following:-


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To do

  • Support for Next.js

  • Support for Typescript

  • Support for React Native, etc


Contributions are always welcome!

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