EthTx Community Edition

Community version of EthTx transaction decoder






This project represents usage of EthTx decoding library in form of a website. If you are looking for implementation of the said decoding functionalities, please refer to EthTx repository.

Local environment

Here is a list of steps to recreate local environment on Ubuntu distribution.

  1. Install needed packages using apt

    apt install docker-compose python3-pip pipenv make 
  2. Run pipenv install. This will create new venv with all required packages installed, including ethtx library

  3. Copy .env_sample to .env and fill required field according to description

  # Proper nodes are required to run ethtx, provide connection strings for chains which will be used.
  # EthTx supports multiple nodes, if one is unavailable, it will use others. You only need to specify them with a comma
  # Example: MAINNET_NODE_URL=https://geth-erigon-node:8545,https://geth1-erigon-node:8545
  # Etherscan API is used to get contract source code, required for decoding process
  # You can get free key here
  # Optional. Those represent data required for connecting to mongoDB. It's used for caching semantics
  # used in decoding process. But, it's not neccessary for running, If you don't want to use permanent
  # db or setup mongo, leave those values, mongomock package is used to simulate in-memory mongo.
  # Optional. Credentials for accessing semantics editor page, available under '/semantics/<str:address>'
  # Optional. Api key used for exposing 
  # Optional. Valid values are ['production', 'staging', 'development']. Those mainly
  # dictate what options are used for flask debugging and logging
  1. Run pipenv run python3 for make run-local. This will setup new server on host port 5000.
  2. Now ethtx_ce should be accessible through link http://localhost:5000

Use can also provided docker-compose for running this locally:

docker-compose up

Note, this also need proper .env file to function properly.

.env file

For proper functioning, .env file is required containing all database and 3rd party providers configuration. .env_sample file is provided in repository with example values.

Parameters [CHAIN_ID]_NODE_URL should hold valid urls to ethereum nodes; Parameter ETHERSCAN_KEY should be equal to Etherscan API key assigned to user.


The EthTx APIs are provided as a community service and without warranty, so please use what you need and no more. We support GET requests.

  • Decode transaction

    Returns decoded EthTx transaction, based on chain_id and transaction hash tx_hash

    • URL
    • Method GET
    • Authorization
      • Required: header: x-api-key=[string] OR query parameter: api_key=[string]
    • URL Params
      • Required: chain_id=[string],tx_hash=[string]
    • Example

      curl --location --request GET '' \
      --header 'x-api-key: 05a2212d-9985-48d2-b54f-0fbc5ba28766'
  • Get Raw Semantic

    Returns raw semantic based on chain_id and sender/receiver address

    • URL
    • Method GET
    • Authorization
      • Required: header: x-api-key=[string] OR query parameter: api_key=[string]
    • URL Params
      • Required:chain_id=[string],address=[string]
    • Example

      curl --location --request GET '' \
      --header 'x-api-key: 05a2212d-9985-48d2-b54f-0fbc5ba28766'


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