LoL Human Case Rest API WA MD Bot



> pkg update && pkg upgrade
> pkg install git -y
> pkg install nodejs -y
> pkg install ffmpeg -y



> apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
> apt install git -y
> apt install nodejs -y
> apt install ffmpeg -y

Cloning this repo

> git clone
> cd Case-WA-MD

Install the package

> npm i

Edit config file

  1. Rename config.json.example to config.json
  2. Edit the required value in config.json. You can get the apikey at LoL Human Rest API.

    "botName": "LoL Human Bot", // name of bot
    "ownerName": "LoL Human", // owner name, you should add your name
    "ownerNumber": ["[email protected]"], // owner number, you should add your number
    "sessionName": "lolhuman", // will be lolhuman-session.json
    "apikey": "" // get apikey on my website (

Run the bot

> npm start


  • You can help me add case by doing pull requests.

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