Experimental user script and extension to translate BowlRoll into English


Since BowlRoll has no English support and Google translating pages takes time + isn’t very good, I decided to make this to instantly translate all of the user interface. The text is as accurate as DeepL can get with some minor edits for things to make more sense, without changing the meaning.


User script is in the repository, I’ll get this on extension stores etc when I can.

What’s not supported

  • Most if not all of the files index page, this is a limitation with the script due to BowlRoll’s file index using JavaScript to request content on the client side
  • Same as above for the file pages themselves, although it is easier to navigate
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages – this is more of a legal thing as I feel I cannot make an accurate translation
  • About BowlRoll – translating this isn’t particularly useful, but I might have a go later on
  • Contact Us – BowlRoll support likely won’t respond to responses not in Japanese, therefore there is no use translating this page. This and the other 3 pages all have “(Japanese only)” next to their links, similar to niconico‘s English interface
  • Report file page – same as above
  • Probably file editing pages as I haven’t uploaded any content myself, feel free to submit this
  • R-18 pages – this is out of scope for the project as VOCA-UK has no use for it and I doubt it’d be allowed on extension stores


This is more of a BowlRoll thing, as I’m unsure of the licensing regarding its text content. Most of the content uploaded seems to go by a license that follows the CC-BY-SA-NC, so I’ve set that for now.



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