The DEV Analytical application will help you in extending the existing analytical provided by for your articles. These projects I always wanted to build, and during this hackathon, they came into existence.

It uses the DEV API key to fetch the required data for analytical purposes. You just need to enter the key, the rest will be available to you on the dashboard page. Right now it provides the following data

  • Basic
    • Post
    • Follower
    • Reactions
  • Advance
    • Views of Last 5 Articles (Line Graph)
    • Top 5 tag(Bar graph based on views)
    • Total Comment
    • Total reading time for all your articles

I would love to add more analytical to the apps such as

  • The best time for article posting
  • Fun Facts
  • Other

Tech Used

Appwrite: For Authentication and Database managment

Chakra-UI: For creating User Interface

ExpressJS: For backend server to make call to DEV API

Run on your machine

Make sure you already have appwrite install in your machine.

Clone the repo

git clone

For Backend

cd backend
npm install
npm run server

For Frontend

cd client
npm install
npm run dev


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