Not-br (Chrome) Extension

✨This is an extension implementation of not-BR for (currently) Chrome. The extension is still in an early stage! To load it:

  1. Download the latest “Source Code (zip)” from the releases page (under “Assets”)
  2. Extract its contents wherever
  3. On Google Chrome, go to chrome://extensions/
  4. Check “Developer mode” in the top right hand corner on
  5. Click “Load unpacked”, then navigate to [EXTRACTED PATH]\not-br-ext-main\not-br-ext-main\chrome
  6. Click Select Folder, you’re done!

💽To use the extension:

  • Right click on any website and click “Convert this page” to convert it to not-BR
  • To adjust settings, click the notBR icon to open the extension popup panel from your extension toolbar (may need to be pinned from extensions list, see here)
  • You can also convert pages from the popup panel

📑Known Issues and limitations:

  • Page will not auto convert if it is loaded in the background on another tab
  • Converted pages cannot be live updated by the settings, this is a performance limitation, but a smarter way to do this may come up later
  • Pages may just get really messed up by the conversion, please feel free to report these as things can be done to mitigate this, but please be aware that I can’t selectively change features for specific webpages, every webpage is structured differently because the web is built on silly string!
  • Text using angle brackets(<>) might get messed up, this is due to the way the parsing works, testing solutions for this, sorry!
  • Investigate… whatever the fuck is going on with emojis (Potentially implementing GraphemeSplitter)
  • Should probably filter out text/number inputs + textarea + contentEditable (Fix testing)

🥺Todo/nice to have:

  • Font override and OpenDyslexic implementation

✏Let me know any feedback either on this repo’s issues page or at this Twitter thread


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