Scaffolding Your First Vite Project

Compatibility Note: Vite requires Node.js version 14.18+, 16+. However, some templates require a higher Node.js version to work, please upgrade if your package manager warns about it.

With NPM:

$ npm create [email protected]

With Yarn:

$ yarn create vite-extra

With PNPM:

$ pnpm create vite-extra

Then follow the prompts!

You can also directly specify the project name and the template you want to use via additional command line options. For example, to scaffold a Vite + SSR + Vue project, run:

# npm
npm create [email protected] my-vue-app -- --template ssr-vue

# yarn
yarn create vite-extra my-vue-app --template ssr-vue

# pnpm
pnpm create vite-extra my-vue-app --template ssr-vue

Currently supported template presets include:

  • ssr-vanilla
  • ssr-vanilla-ts
  • ssr-vue
  • ssr-vue-ts
  • ssr-react
  • ssr-react-ts
  • ssr-preact
  • ssr-preact-ts
  • ssr-svelte
  • ssr-svelte-ts
  • ssr-transform
  • library
  • library-ts

You can use . for the project name to scaffold in the current directory.

Community Templates

create-vite is a tool to quickly start a project from a basic template for popular frameworks. Check out Awesome Vite for community maintained templates that include other tools or target different frameworks. You can use a tool like degit to scaffold your project with one of the templates.

npx degit user/project my-project
cd my-project

npm install
npm run dev

If the project uses main as the default branch, suffix the project repo with #main

npx degit user/project#main my-project


This project is originally a fork of create-vite. Credit goes to all of it’s contributors.


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