Fabric SDK for Admin Capability services


As gateway sdk will drop off admin capacity, we plan to recover admin capacity related things with this project proposal.

identified features


  • new channel
  • channel update(new org join into specific channel)
  • peer join channel
  • peer exit channel
  • list channel
  • inspect channel config


  • chain code lifecycle
  • system chain code(as list all chain code)


  • gate policy?(common/policydsl/policyparser.go, tool for operator)
  • peer discovery(optional, as ping test among peer networks when gateway disabled or fabric version below 2.5)
  • base on peer discovery result, generate connection profile for sdk if possible?(optional)

languages: go, java, nodejs, typescript

init by



Here is steps in short for any contribution.

  1. check license and code of conduct
  2. fork this project
  3. make your own feature branch
  4. change and commit your changes, please use git commit -s to commit as we enabled DCO
  5. raise PR

Code of Conduct guidelines

Please review the Hyperledger Code of Conduct before participating. It is important that we keep things civil.


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