A Farcaster bot that sends random color names to the network, using data from meodai/color-names. The bot is currently registered to the alias @color_names and the following public address:


How it looks:


As Farcaster is in beta, this is likely going to break in their next major update, but it can act as a simple example of how to build a bot for this network.

Running Locally

npm install

# publish once per 24 hours
PRIVATE_KEY=[your_bot_key] node ping

Creating Your Own Bot

First register a new account on Farcaster (note: registration is currently in closed beta). Copy (and save in a secure way) your newly generated seed phrase, and with it still in your clipboard, you can use the following command:

pbpaste | node key.js

This will provide the private key that you can save in a .env config file that allows you to run the bot without manually specifying the key each time:

node ping


  • ping.js runs once every 24 hours
  • publish.js core of the bot
  • key.js prints the private key of the seed phrase coming from stdin
  • server.js runs a server that has a secret entry point that will trigger the bot


MIT, see LICENSE.md for details.


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