fcall, fetch and call any remote hot functions, anywhere, anytime, without installations or configurations.


If you are using Node.js, install it with npm

npm install fcall

or yarn

yarn add fcall


If you are using Node.js, you can call any function in the world in the following way:

// Import the `fcall` module
import { f } from 'fcall';

// Call any remote function in the world
const result = f('your_function', [param1, param2, param3]);

How does fcall work?

  1. fcall sends a request to the server to fetch the function by its name 'your_function';
  2. The server then returns the source code of function 'your_function';
  3. The function source code is executed with the parameter list [param1, param2, param3];
  4. The result is returned after calling the function f('your_function', [param1, param2, param3]).


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