Reviews Api is an API for Grace Hopper Conference Reviews.

Supported queries:


Supported entities:

type Review @key(fields: "reviewId")

Installation (Required only if you are implementing the eventsAPI)

  1. If you haven’t already done so, clone (git clone Make sure you have run npm install at the top level of the directory, as per the instructions in the repository readme.

  2. Fork this (reviewsAPI) repository (click the FORK button on the top right of github).

    Then, clone your forked repo after navigating into the graceHopperApi/services directory:

    e.g. On a terminal, write out:

    cd services
    git clone
  3. Using the terminal, navigate to the reviewsApi directory in the services folder and run npm install:

    cd services/reviewsApi
    npm install # needed if you want to test this service independently from other services
  4. Begin looking through the code in the eventsApi subdirectory. You will need to change the files in the schema and the resolver folders only. It will be helpful to read through the other files in the subdirectory.

  5. After you’ve filled in the missing code, you can test out your individual service using npm run start when you are inside the reviewsApi subdirectory. You should see a message which looks like this:

    ? Reviews server ready at http://localhost:5003/ ✔️⭐

    Go to http://localhost:5003/ in your browser. If promted, click Query your server.

    Write out a query to test your service. For example, running this should work.

    You can use Control+C to terminate the server.

  6. Push your code to your fork.

    git add .
    git commit -m "implement reviewsAPI"
    git push origin main
  7. Continue following the instructions on the graceHopperApi readme.


To use this API, follow the Running The Entire API section




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