FF-Land – Gamifying the Path to Financial Freedom

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FF-Land is envisioned to be a game that encourages users to make monthly investments to dollar cost average the market.


The app would theoretically be hooked up to a brokerage so that when users make their monthly investment into an etf, they will receive ingame currency inside FF-Land which can be used to purchase ingame items to customise their land and avatar. This will not only hook users into making a positive impact on their financial wealth, but would give the partnered brokerage a unique edge compared to their competitors.

My partner on this project and I love video games. We also understand that games create positive feedback loops which entice you to play again. We wanted to tap into this concept to retain users but to also make building financial freedom as fun of a process that they could share alongside a vibrant community and friends.


  • Title of the app
  • Images (taken from Habbo)
  • Navbar links (buttons work though)
  • Main app page would have hover animations over the progress bar but due to the ‘lack of an actual game’, we’ve decided to keep them static and visible so that testing of core functionality is simple
  • Main app page “Invest Monthly Button” is for testing purposes

Current Features

  • Login/Logout to save data for each user
  • ‘Try for Free’ only allows for calculator usage and not the full experience
  • Passive Income Calculator
  • Progress Bar in the MainAppPage

Figma Designs


Read /frontend/README.md

  • For all npm scripts.

Technologies Used

  • React.js, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, Express, Node.js


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