File & Image Uploader for Upload.io

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⚙️ Prerequisites

  1. Create an Upload account (it only takes a few seconds).

  2. Install Uploader:

    npm install uploader


    <script src="https://js.upload.io/uploader/v1"></script>

? Features

Uploader is an HTML5 file & image uploader widget for Upload.io.

Use them together to get:

  • File uploading that works out-the-box.
  • File storage & file hosting. (Zero setup, pre-integrated.)
  • Integrated CDN. (300+ locations, 47+ countries.)
  • File processing. (Image resizing, cropping, etc.)
  • File authorization. (Optional: issue JWTs from your app to define per-user file access.)
  • Monitoring. (Beautiful dashboards to monitor storage & traffic.)
  • And much more, explore Upload.io.

? Examples

Coming soon…


If you would like to contribute to Uploader:

  1. Add a GitHub Star to the project (only if you’re feeling generous!).
  2. Determine whether you’re raising a bug, feature request or question.
  3. Raise your issue or PR. ?




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