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This Guide is for the JavaScript version of the Gold interpreter.

The Gold Programming Language is an Programming Language designed to be really easy to edit and overall just being an very Permeable coding Language.


The Gold Language uses the Following Packages:

npm i readline
npm i open
npm i colors
npm i prettier

Check the packages out here:

readline open colors prettier


There are several ways that you can run your Gold file:

node .
npm run ubdex

Or you can just use the .bat files:

  • megaShell.bat: opens up the megashell.
  • cmd.bat: opens a blank Command Prompt.
  • setup.bat: creates an blank directory with some setup files.
  • index.bat: Boot directly into the Index.js File.
  • install.bat: Install all packages required in the current Version.
  • regInt.bat: Run installed gold program using the Regular Interpreter.
  • engInt.bat: Run installed gold program using the English Interpreter.


Gold is ran inside of the .gold file extension, so your directory would look something like this:

./Gold-Loader gold-save.exe package-lock.json package.json runner.js megaShell.bat

The .gold file is your program.

Your Gold Program is interpreted using the interpreter you have, or the default one if you don’t have a one.

An Basic Gold Program would look something like this:

// Built for Reg Interpreter.

var myGoldProgram = {
    name: "Example Gold Program",
    des: "An Example Gold Program for the README file.",
    int: "regInt",
    ex: [
            fun: "log",
            val1: "Hello World!"
            fun: "end"

export { myGoldProgram };

Included Projects

The Gold Language also includes the following Projects:

Advanced Programming

Think you got the hang of the Gold language? There are still many different things that you can do with the Gold language. Check out some tutorials inside of the wiki, or follow the basic Coding guide Below:

// Functions for the Regular Interpreter, not the English one. 

fun // - add, sub, mul, div, if, log, var, logVar, input, xLog, egg, shell, crack, kill, ifVar    
saveToVar // - true/false     
type // - =, >, <, !     
variableArea // - Center, First, Last   


Wanting to Contribute to Gold? Check out the inside of the /info folder to learn how you can contribute to the Gold language.

Used By

This project is used in the following projects:

Final Note

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