firefox menu themes and background wallpaper support

The Goal

  • An elegant firefox menus theme (with linux desktops gtk and qtk being main focus)

  • Background wallpaper support on firefox homepage


  • go to “about:config” and set “toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets” to “true

How to install

  • download the zip file of this repository

  • unzip the file, go to the unzipped folder and copy the contents

  • go to your firefox profile folder (go to ”about:support” on firefox and click “open directory” in the profile coloumn as shown here: preview

  • create a chrome folder and paste the contents copied from the unzipped folder before


  • background

  • context menu

  • bookmark menu

    • tabs menu

Compatibility status

  • Linux: Tested; Full Support

  • MacOS: Untested;

  • Windows: Untested;


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