Quick Introduction

Quickstart guide

  1. Create a JSON file in the data directory with your GitHub username katalystkat.json (file path data/katalystkat.json) Head into the data directory


Click Add file and select create new file image

Name your file with your GitHub username username.json; for example mine was katalystkat.json image

  1. In your json file add the contents using this template below:

  "name": "",
  "url": "",
  "image": "",
  "why": "",
  "weekly": [],
  "goal": "",
  "location": ""

Notes on the information:

  • Name: You can use your github name, actual name, or a pseudonym!
  • Url: Please insert Github link here, we will expand the user json files to include socials in the future
  • Image: You can use any appropriate profile image here
  • Why : Please write down your reason why you have joined the #FitDevs community!
  • Weekly: Your goals for fitness, can be food/exercise/mental/emotional, whatever fitness means to YOU

`weekly` examples :
`["Running 6x", "Abs 6x", "Pushups 6x"]`
`["Drinking 500ml Water 3/day", "Meatless Mondays 2x/month", "Sleeping 7h 6/week"]`
  • Goal: What is your overarching goal? We will discuss this in an upcoming twitter space!
  • Location: Be as vague or as specific as you would like to

Example: image

  1. Commit the the new file!


Select Create a new Branch!


  1. Create a pull request!

Select the green button: “Create a pull request”


Select “Create Pull Request” on the next page



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