Interval Hints


Configurable Logseq plugin to annotate deadline and scheduled times with a countdown or interval.


  • Block renderer to add countdowns/elapsed time anywhere.
  • Configure adding hints for future and past events.
  • Hide hints below a minimum interval.
  • Can emphasize hints when the interval is short.
  • Can update hints when the schedule or deadline is changed.
  • Can update hints periodically.
  • Hints can be styled with CSS.


  1. (Recommended) Install from the plugin marketplace. Search for interval hints.
  2. Turn on developer mode in settings and load this repo as an “unpacked plugin” from the Logseq plugins page (t p).


In use

Usage example screenshot


Settings example screenshot


To be used in custom.css which is editable from the Logseq settings (t s default bind).

When using complex styles it may be useful to use the no-default-styles option in the plugin settings and just use a modified version of the default style in custom.css.


.lsp-interval-hints { margin-left: 0.25em; padding-left: 0px; font-family: monospace; }

.lsp-interval-hints-future > .lsp-interval-hints-label::before { content: '⏳'; }
.lsp-interval-hints-future.lsp-interval-hints-short > .lsp-interval-hints-label::before { content: '⏰'; }
.lsp-interval-hints-past > .lsp-interval-hints-label::before { content: '⌛'; }

.lsp-interval-hints > * { color: var(--ls-secondary-text-color); }
.lsp-interval-hints > ::after ,
.lsp-interval-hints > ::before { color: var(--ls-page-inline-code-color); font-size: 0.8em; }
.lsp-interval-hints > :not(:last-child)::after ,
.lsp-interval-hints > :not(:last-child)::before { padding-right: .2em; }
.lsp-interval-hints-d::after { content: 'D'; }
.lsp-interval-hints-h::after { content: 'H'; }
.lsp-interval-hints-m::after { content: 'M'; }
.lsp-interval-hints-s::after { content: 'S'; }

Interval type position

Moves the interval type (hour, minutes, etc) before the number. This example also changes it to lowercase.

.lsp-interval-hints-d::after , .lsp-interval-hints-h::after ,
.lsp-interval-hints-m::after , .lsp-interval-hints-s::after { all: revert !important; }
.lsp-interval-hints-d::before { content: 'd' !important; }
.lsp-interval-hints-h::before { content: 'h' !important; }
.lsp-interval-hints-m::before { content: 'm' !important; }
.lsp-interval-hints-s::before { content: 's' !important; }

Bracket hint

Surrounds the hint with fancy brackets.

.lsp-interval-hints::before { content: '«'; padding-left: .5em; }
.lsp-interval-hints::after { content: '»'; }

Hide for done/cancelled

Hides hints for done or cancelled items. This only works for TODOs and not all scheduled/deadline items.

Note: May have a performance impact due to the complex CSS rules.

.ls-block[data-refs-self*='"done"'] .lsp-interval-hints ,
.ls-block[data-refs-self*='"cancelled"'] .lsp-interval-hints { display: none !important; }

Known issues/limitations

  1. May have date/time parsing issues if time elements generated by Logseq aren’t in the expected format (2022-06-01 Wed 13:00:00). I don’t know if the format can vary based on locale.
  2. Uses complex CSS rules for styling hints which may have a noticeable performance impact.


Initial inspiration was the logseq-deadline-countdown by xxchan.

For anyone that doesn’t need the renderer, automatic updating or styling options this plugin provides and is looking for something lighter I would recommend considering logseq-deadline-countdown.


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