Flight Tracking App With the world starting to open up slowly, many have turned their attention to traveling again. To help with this influx of flights, users need an application to store upcoming flights (whether their own or friends and family) so they can track both the schedule and the flight itself. Your job is to build an interface that fills this need and provides whatever attributes you think are useful.

For the assessment, we’re just looking for you to build any small sample project that has routing multiple components + parent-child component relationship state management some API integration

The assessment sent over gives access to a FlightAware API to look up flight information and is meant as a starting point. The project can be super small, we’re just looking to have examples of the above from you for us to use as a focal point of the interview.

Would the following prompt make sense: create a web app in React that shows a list of searched flights (can be local storage persistence) + has the ability to lookup a flight number + has the ability to show details about a flight number (expected departure, expected arrival, current status)


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