For Adobe CEP extensions: Quickly opens the dev-tools debugger with the correct port using a keyboard shortcut


After requiring this module, hitting Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D (D for debugging) on your keyboard will automatically open localhost:xxxx in the browser, with the correct port number attached.


Place devToolsLauncher.js somewhere in your project, then require it like so:

const path = require('path');
const DevToolsLauncher = require(path.join("devToolsLauncher.js")); // Make sure path is correct ofc

Then open your extension and hit Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D. Your browser window should pop up.


  1. Requires enabling nodejs in your manifest.xml, inside the <Resources></Resources> tag:

  1. Requires CSInterface.js, you can find it in CEP Resources by choosing the correct version folder (in my case CEP_11.x)


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